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Year 6 - Nelson Mandela Class

Year 6 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information

Well welcome back to your final year at primary school! I can’t wait to be your teacher again and create even more amazing memories. This year we have so many great experiences planned.

Our first class read will be Treasure Island.  An  adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, telling a story of "buccaneers and buried gold". It is considered a coming-of-age story and is noted for its atmosphere, characters, and action. The book tells the story of an impulsive and adventurous young boy named Jim Hawkins who comes across a treasure map. He goes on a journey to try and recover the treasure, which once belonged to the famous Captain Flint. On his journey, he meets Long John Silver, a one-legged cook who ends up leading a pirate mutiny. Will Jim find the treasure or be cursed with the pirate’s black dot?


For Maths we will be continuing to develop our Times-Tables knowledge. However, our main strand of Maths is an important part to learn which is ‘Place Value’ that’s why we are beginning our maths looking at numbers up to ten million.


In history, we will be exploring the suffragette movement and women’s rights alongside the picture book ‘Suffragettes: The Battle for Equality; by David Roberts, linked to our school value: respect. From our in depth-study the children will then answer our Big Question – How would British culture be different without the work of the suffragette movement? This fascinating change in women’s rights will expand and develop our knowledge of what it sometimes takes to change policy even in democratic society’s like Great Britain. A very relevant topic even in today's world.


In geography, the children will develop their map reading skills and learn about longitude and latitude, time zones around the world and the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.  From their learning, the children will then try and answer our geography Big Question: What can we learn from studying maps?


During the Autumn term - the children will continue to develop their scientific skills.  They will learn about the heart, the circulation of blood, the function of blood vessels and blood pressure.  The children will also develop their investigative skills and have the opportunity to carry out an investigation linked to what happens to your heart when resting and after exercise.  In science, we will be asking ourselves: ‘Why is our circulatory system important?


The children will also have the wonderful opportunity to develop their creative skills and will study and re-create pieces of art in the style of artists: such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.  They will also be learning about pop and Motown music in their music lessons and thinking about what makes them happy. Our computing lessons will have a focus on E-safety a very important part of our curriculum. We will delve deeply into how to stay safe online. Something we believe at school is an important part of our curriculum.


The children have great opportunities to be sports leaders and lead school ambassadors. I am really excited about this! Please keep a look out on Class Dojo for photos of our learning, information, and updates. We have lots more exciting experiences planned for this half-term such as Ronald Dahl day.