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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Year 5!

I hope you had a lovely first day back and enjoyed the activities.

I can see you all have been very busy on TT rockstars - well done keep it up!

Stay tuned today at 11.30 am on The Grove's Facebook page as I will be reading a lovely story to all the children of Grove.


Here are your tasks for the day:


Morning challenge:- Day 2


English- Here is a lovely narrative, read the text and answer a few questions. Then come up with some of your own questions.


Maths- How did you all get on with decimals? Have a go with this sheet.


Music- Use this activity sheet to help you make some lovely music- You don't need instruments, you can use the lovely things in your home, but be careful and always ask an adult before using anything.


Reading- What books have you read so far? Are there any books you would recommend? Write a book review of one of the books you have been reading.


Have a lovely day and don't forget to tune in to hear me read today at 11.30am!

Miss Pakwasi :)