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Friday 15th May

Good morning year 5!

I hope you are all well. Did you enjoy this weeks' online learning? We have come to the end of another productive home learning week. Wow! 

Please can I remind you all that the work uploaded on the website is for you to complete at your own pace, if you have unfinished work or did not complete an activity on one of the days, please feel free to complete the activity on another day. Also if you are finding the work too much please do not feel you must complete it all. pick out the bits you can do and focus on them. I put up various different activities for you to complete daily. Also remember you do not have to stick to the timetable I upload, please feel free to complete the tasks whenever you like throughout the day or the following day. The timetable is there as a guide and is usually how we go about our lessons in school on a regular day.

Well done to Reggie and Ocean for logging on to TT Rockstars. I can see the commitment! Super impressed!

Come one Year 5, I want to see more of you logging on!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, the weather is bright and beautiful! 


Here are your lessons for the day;


Morning Challenge: Day 5 


English: It is that time of the week! Spellings! I have attached new spellings for your to learn. Please use the write, cover, look, check method. Once you have practiced your spellings, write them out in a sentence, or find the words in a newspaper or magazine. Be creative, use your spelling homework books and choose an activity from there. `


Maths: I have attached a Multiplication and Division home learning booklet. I do not expect you to complete ot all today. I would like you to have a go at the activities on pages 4, 6 and 7. I will be using this booklet next week to set work throughout the week.


PE: Work out with Joe Wickes this morning.


Geography: I would like to you to choose a city or country of your choice. Research as much ad you can about it and create a fact file or poster. I have attached a fact file template if you would like to use that. 


Have a lovely day

Miss Pakwasi:)