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Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Year 4,

How are we all? I hope you are well and staying safe. How did you get on with yesterday's online learning? Did you go on a walk or enjoy any time outside? Hopefully the weather will start to improve this week and we can enjoy the sunshine again!


Please find your online learning for today,


Miss Banks



Reading challenge

Please read 5 pages of your reading book. I would then like you to write down the key events from the pages you have read. Once you have done this can you act this out? Maybe your siblings will help you and you can use roll play to act out the story.



Please see the attached reading comprehension. I would like you to read through the text and answer the questions. When it comes to the game that you can play  you can play it with your siblings or family members.



I have attached a Maths sheet that follows on from yesterday's lesson on Fractions. I would like you to answer the questions on finding 1/3 and 1/6. 



As we usually have Music on Tuesday's in school I would like you to choose one musical activity from the lockdown activities.


Have a great day!