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Wednesday 18th March


National School Closure – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Following advice from UK Government we are closing The Grove school from Monday, 23rd March 2020 until further notice . If you are a parent / carer who falls into the Key Worker category as identified by the government then we will still open the school for your child following Government guidance. If you fall into this category we will be in touch shortly asking for further information from you. We will issue further updates on the school’s website and by contacting parents and carers via ParentPay and Facebook.

Sunday 15th March 2020

Dear Parent/carer, 

Coronavirus Update

These are very challenging and concerning times for us all. As a school we continue to follow the advice we are given from the Government. As a parent, I am in the same position as you in terms of trying to strike a balance between maintaining normality and concern for the health of my loved ones. Please do not worry about attendance rates at the moment. If you feel you need to self-isolate your child, please call and the office will ask you several questions to ascertain whether your child will be absent due to potential COVID-19 or for another reason. We need to do this because these absences need to be recorded differently. If you decide to self-isolate your child then they and any siblings will need to be off school for the full 7 days and cannot return before that time. If you self-isolate yourself or another family member then you will need to make a judgement about whether your children also need to self-isolate. If you are unwell then it would probably be advisable to also isolate your children. You will have no choice other than to keep them off if you are unable to bring or collect them from school.  We are all going to have to be understanding of the massive challenges we are facing. School staff are obviously subject to the same recommendations as you are regarding self-isolation and also have their own children. This may result in classes having to be merged for periods of time, support in classrooms being changed, staggering of breaks and lunch to ensure we can staff adequately. It may even mean that we might have to partially close the school with some classes unable to attend. As always, we will try and keep you as informed as possible and try to keep everything as calm and normal as possible. Where possible, teachers will post work for absent children on our website where we have set up class pages. We are still working on these plans but will keep you posted. Thank you for your understanding.


Mrs Cheeseman 

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update : Please be aware that we are monitoring and following government advice as provided by Public Health England. In the event of a school closure or further precautions as necessary, we will update the school’s website and be contacting parents & carers by ParentPay / Email / Facebook. Please ensure your contact details the school holds are up to date.