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We teach scientific skills and knowledge through discussion, class texts and practical learning.  We make links through our class tests, both fiction, non-fiction and poetry, to discuss how science fits in to the world around us. We encourage our children to develop their 'character muscle' skill of curiosity whilst challenging concepts and looking for other alternatives. Here are some of the books we use to support the teaching of science. 

Here is our science coverage for the year 202122 and our Big Questions to inspire discussion.

Below are the some of the picture books that we use to compliment our knowledge rich science curriculum.

Below you will see our Knowledge Organisers for the year. These organisers are used in class and at home to support the learning that takes place and to help our children remember more.  All parents should have received a printed copy to use at home! If you would like a reminder of how to use them please look at our 'letters home' section.