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Thursday 2nd July

Good morning year 2/3

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. How did you get on with the music tasks yesterday and which one did you do? Also, did any of you manage to get out for a walk or any exercise even though it wasn't as sunny and nice as last week? I managed to go out skateboarding because it didn't rain for me yesterday. I even managed to do a shove it and a pop shove it!



I would like you all to start the day off with a Joe Wickes workout to get your bodies and brains working, go for a walk, or you can create your own workout.



Year 2 - I have attached some tasks with the start of a story about a stargazer I would like you to use the story starter and have a go at writing your own story. Can you use adjectives to describe in your story? As a challenge can you try answering the questions as well?

Year 3 - I have attached some tasks with the start of a story about a stargazer! I would like you to complete a minimum of 1 task, you can do which ever task you like, but you can do as many of them as you like. As a challenge, can you use the story starter and write your own story? In your story can you include any fronted adverbials or expanded noun phrases?



Year 2 - I have attached a Powerpoint for you to have a look at and some questions to have a go at about lines of symmetry As a challenge, do you think you can complete the challenge sheet and solve the problems?

Year 3 - I have attached a link to a lesson on marking fractions on a number line above 1. I would like you to follow the lesson.

Also everyone try to get on TT rockstars as well so you can practice your times tables!



In this lesson, we will revisit the Colour Monster story, and discuss how the monster felt better by sorting his feelings into jars. We will discuss worries that some children have and suggest ways to overcome them. We will then create our own thought stopping strategies. Look out for our Agony Aunt!


It would be great to see how you get on so don't forget to send your work through to [email protected].


Have a great day.

Mr G :)