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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Year 5!

How are you all today? The weather is shining bright, make you go outside and get that fresh air!

You may have seen on our school's Facebook page, that today is Thank and teacher day. Mrs Culling has mentioned that you can shout-out to your favourite teachers in the comments. If you would like to go the extra mile, why not make a lovely card or write a letter and send it in. 

Well Done to Ocean, Reggie and Safiya for logging onto TT Rockstars! You guys are rocking it!! :)

Here are your lessons for the day:


Morning Challenge: Day 3


English: Work through the next few pages in the relative clauses booklet. If you have finish, I would like you to read a book, magazine or newspaper.


Maths: Can you please complete pages 10-14 in the multiplication booklet? 


French: We are on lesson 4! wow! Work through the powerpoint and make notes. Complete the activities. 


Have a lovely day 

Miss Pakwasi :)