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Reception/Year 1 - David Attenborough Class

Reception - Year 1 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information


Super Duper You!

To start the Autumn term, we will be reading a book called ‘Super Duper You’ by Sophy Henn. The story explores how we grow and change. As we turn each page, we realise how amazing and special we all are! We will be finding out about ourselves and make links to our big question ‘Who am I and who are my family?’

We will also be reading a book called ‘George’s Dragon goes to School’ by Claire Freedman.’ The story is about a boy called George and his school are having a ‘bring a pet to school’ week. George is so excited as he hopes to win the ‘best pet trophy.’ However, George’s dragon Sparky is so clumsy things do not go to plan! But all ends well as Sparky saves the day with his kindness and bravery!

The next book is an old favourite ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ We will retell the story through drama and puppets bringing it to life. We meet the bear family and alongside this will explore our own families, sharing how we care and lookout for each other. We will talk about everyone in our families and all the wonderful things we love to do together!

Our final book is ‘Grandad’s Island’ by Benji Davies. This book has beautiful detailed illustrations and sensitively shares and weaves in the special relationship Syd has with his grandad. Syd can visit grandad’s house any time he likes through a gate at the bottom of his garden, how magical!

Alongside our books we have many more things planned this half term. They include a whole class family tea with cakes and squash at school; a shared occasion we can all prepare and take part in. Then in our beautiful Forest School we will create leaf crowns, footprints and handprints, using them to explore ourselves and the world around us. We have so much to look forward to!