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Wednesday 20th May

Hello Year 4,


How are we all? I hope you enjoyed yesterday's online learning. How did you get on with the lockdown music activities? Which one did you choose? The weather has been so nice the past few day's and today is going to be lovely and hot. Enjoy the sunshine and spending time in your garden!


Here is your online learning for today;



Please practice your spellings. I would like you to put them into a sentence then find out the definitions for each word. I would then like you to write the synonym and antonym for each word. Circle, decide,medicine, exercise, special



Please see the attached work on Money. Use your knowledge from yesterday's lessons to help you. 



I would like you to see the attached work on our current topic - Electricity. Have a read through the work and answer the questions.


P.E/Daily exercise 

Have a go at a daily Joe Wickes workout or create your own daily exercise regime. 

Enjoy your day!