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Thursday 26th March

Hello again Year 4! 


 I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine in your garden. I have been enjoying the Joe Wickes workout with my two children Grace and Archie and doing some gardening. I will be checking TT Rockstars regularly; it would be great if you can continue going on. 

 We have been watching Edinburgh Zoo live daily. If you go onto you will be able to watch daily feeding time at the zoo. There are also some fantastic zoo keeper talks and even live web cams around the zoo. Type in the address and check it out. 



  Today I would like you to start the day with Joe Wickes the bodycoach Live P.E workout .




Please see the attached reading comprehension on beagle dogs. I know how much you all love dogs! Read through the comprehension then answer the questions. Remember to answer the questions in full sentences like we do in class.



For Maths today I would like you to go through the Powerpoint on Fractions. Make notes as you are going along to help you. Once you have carefully understood the powerpoint  have a go at answering the questions on fractions. 


During the afternoon see if you can watch the live webcams at Edinburgh zoo. Write down 5 interesting facts about what you learnt. It really is great fun.



Miss Banks