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Week Beginning 30th March

Hello Guys,


We are all missing you so much. I hope you are all having fun at home! I bet Leo will be smiling and baking with mummy, Ethan will be singing and dancing and Kyran will be doing some of his fab drawing! Let me know if I'm right.  We are all thinking of you so much and can't wait to get back to school for fun, stories and games.


This week you have 2 challenges one is to watch the youtube video of Meerkat Mail and talk about all the places Sunny goes on his adventure.  Then talk to your adults at home about all the fantastic places you would like to go when we are finally allowed to go out again! Draw a picture of the place you want to go and send it to me.  It could be anywhere!  The other challenge is to have a go at the 14 day photo challenge and see if you can complete it - Mrs Culling and I will also have a go and show you what we've found!


enlightened Please send any pictures of what you've been up to so I can put them on our page enlightened


Stay happy and smiley!


Miss Scott smiley


Miss Lee presents Meerkat Mail

Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett