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Friday 15th May

Hello Year 4,

How are we all? I hope you enjoyed your online learning yesterday. Did you enjoy the NHS clap for key workers and carers last night? I love hearing the sound of people cheering and clapping. It shows a real sense of coming together smiley

The weather is supposed to be really nice again next week which is great and means more outdoor fun! Did anyone find any minibeasts?  Or perhaps you spotted some wildlife?


Here is your online learning for today;



Please practise your new spellings; words with a 'soft c' spelt with 'ci'  circle, decide, medicine, exercise, special

Use the look,read,cover,write method. 



Please select another worksheet to complete in your Maths revision book. After you have done this I would like you to log onto the BBC bitesize website and choose a Maths activity from the KS2 section.



For your English lesson today, I would like you to try something fun and exciting! Chester Zoo is doing a live web cam tour of the zoo. They will be doing live feeding sessions and a tour of the zoo. Choose an animal to write a fact file on. Think about the animals size, habitat, diet, appearance and any other interesting facts. Even if you are unable to watch online; choose your favourite animal to produce a fact file. 


P.E/ Daily Exercise

Enjoy a Joe Wickes workout or your own choice of daily exercise to end the day!