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Friday 3rd April

Morning Ducklings,

another busy day!


Phonics time

Sing some nursery rhymes and the alphabet song.


Phase 2:  Rabbits, Mice, Squirrels

In phase 2 : l, ll, ss

Read the flashcards, saying the sounds

Phase 2 sounds - recap l, ll, ss


Recap the sounds l, ll, ss

Phase 3: Foxes, Owl, Hedgehogs

Today we are learning about: recap ai, ee, oa, igh

Read the flashcards, saying the sounds

Phase 3 Recap ai, ee, oa, igh

English time

Share 'Supertato' and remember to join in!


Watch the story and talk about how Supertato saves the day!!!

Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero - what is your superpower Label or write sentences describing yourself and your superpower

Maths time

Look at the 3D shape poster again and name the shapes together.

Can you remember any of the 3D shape names?


3D shape poster

Match the shape names to the shapes

Can you name the 3D shapes?

After lunch

Sing some songs together and share a story.


Things to do during the afternoon:

  • letter formation (pack and in books)
  • reading time (little books) copy some words/sentences in your books
  • try something from the topic/PE/mindful folder

Try this... Make a mask or some superhero cuffs

Have a wonderful day!

heart Love from Miss Weston x