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Monday 18th May

Hello Year 4,

How are we all? I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the nice weather? Did you get up to anything nice at the weekend? We have been enjoying lots of nice walks and spending time in the garden. It's going to be really warm this week which is great! Get your paddling pools and water balloons ready!

 Keep sending your work and pictures to [email protected]


Here is your online learning for today;



I would like you to start the day by practicing your spellings. I would like you to write the definitions for each spelling and then put the words into a sentence. You can even draw a picture to help you remember your spellings. *Challenge* find the synonym and antonym for each word. 


Reading Challenge

 I would like you to choose a reading book of your choice. I would like you to read 5 pages of your book. Once you have done this I would like you to produce a storyboard. On this storyboard I would like you to draw a picture of what has happened in those five pages. Underneath the picture I would like you to write sentences to describe what is happening.  Don't forget to send them to [email protected]



To begin with I would like you to see if you can find some coins. Ask a parent from home to help you with this. Once you have done this I would like you to look at the money that you have and familiarise yourself with it. I would then like you to do the attached worksheet on money.Use your coins to help you with this.  I would then like you to go onto TT Rockstars and sound check for at least 10 minutes. 



Electricity-Topic. I would like you to have a look around your house and see how many electrical devices you have! Make a list of the electrical devices you can find in each room.