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Thursday 2nd July

Good Morning Year 4,

 I hope you are all well and enjoying spending time with your families. We have moved house recently and have been really busy unpacking lots of boxes! Have you been up to anything exciting recently? I would love to see!

Well done FLM for your continued hard work and doing your online learning. Keep it up!

 Please see your online learning for today;


Miss Banks


Reading Challenge

Please read 5 pages of a book. Or, if you prefer, why not read from a magazine or newspaper! It's good to read!



Please see the attached worksheet on apostrophes. These are differentiated and you can chose which one you would like to do.



I would like you to read through the worksheet on the months of the year and calculate then write down the amount of days in each month.



Go outside and get some fresh air. Why not ride your bike or scooter? You could even go for a walk with a family member or friend.