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Friday 5th June

Happy Friday Year 4!


How are you all? I hope you are keeping safe and enjoying being with your family. Well done to those children who have been onto TT rockstars; I am really proud of you. Please keep going on and sound checking.


Even though the weather has turned we have still been exercising when we can. If you can get out for a short time and just enjoy the fresh air. You will feel wonderful smiley


Have a lovely weekend 


Miss Banks



Please practice your spellings. Today, I would like you to write out the definitions of your spellings and then put them into a sentence. Once you have done this can you find the antonym for each word? *CHALLENGE* find the synonym! Your spellings are; dangerous, poisonous, mountainous, joyous, synonymous



Please continue with the reading comprehension that follows on from yesterday's lesson. Continue to the next activity. 



Please go onto BBC bitesize. I would like you to complete the online Science lesson. Click on KS2 and Science. Your first lesson is; What is Electricity? Click on the link and enjoy your lesson.