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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hi year 6!    Here are your learning activities for  today.  Remember to go onto TT Rock Stars and Corbett maths to develop your arithmetic skills.

A big thank you to CP, DLM, SB, BC and PM for going on TT rockstars yesterday.  

Please make sure that you take a photo of any work that you have done and email it the school office and they will email it to me.  I cannot wait to hear from you.  I am missing you so much.  Mrs Tyler

[email protected]

Thank you also to SB for sending in some fantastic pictures  of her work.  It did make me smile.



Choose a session from the PE folder and carry out a physical activity. If the weather is nice try and get some fresh air and do some physical exercise outside whilst it is still sunny.


Spelling Thursday 2nd April 2020

I can put my year 5 and year 6  tricky words into a sentence.

Value: perseverance

Go onto the website Look, Cover, Write and Check.  Then click on the year 5/6 icon. Then go onto the tricky words 3 icon.  Then select go.  Have a go at learning the 5/6 common exception words using the game. Write down the words that you have learnt in a sentence.

For example:  The girl had a guilty conscience when she dropped her mother's favourite vase on the floor.


Tricky Words 3:  definite, correspond, conscience, conscious  



Thursday  2nd  April 2020

I can identify and use inverted commas (speech marks)  in my work.

Value: perseverance


I would like you first to read the power point and definition card on inverted commas (speech marks).   Then have a go at answering the Sats style questions on identifying where the inverted commas should go and which sentences are correctly punctuated.   Write out the sentences in your book. Then use the answer sheet to check your answers.

Remember you don't have to write out all of the options in your book just write out  the answer that you think it is.



Thursday 2nd April 2020

I can develop my inference skills

Value: Optimism

Have a go at answering the comprehension questions based on Easter.  These questions are helping you to develop your inference skills so that you will have to read between the lines.  Make sure that you write your answers in full sentences in your homework/exercise book.  Once you have completed the questions check your answers with the sheet provided. You can choose which level you want to have a go at answering. 

1 *,  2**'s or 3***'s.





I can divide numbers using the short method of division

Value: Self-belief

This lesson is all to do with short division using the formal method (the bus stop method).    First  read the learning reminders and the reminders of how you should set your work out.  Complete either the mild or hot sheet recording working out and answers in books.  Once you have had a go at answering the practise sheets then have a go at answering the word problems.  Remember you have to decide whether to round up or down in context.

Remember to use a ruler! 


Science Fun

I can carry out some science experiments to do with eggs

Value: Self-belief 

As it is Easter soon, have a go at one or all of the science experiments to do with eggs.  Remember though to ask for your parents permission to use any equipment first including the eggs.   Why not take a picture of yourself doing the experiment and email it to the school office who will forward me any pictures.


Missing you all so much

Mrs Tyler


Enjoy today.  Make sure that you have breaks in between your work.  Keep smiling! It would be great if you could email me some pictures of your homework or any homework that you have completed or even  pictures of you completing your work to the office.  They will then forward me the work.  I would really love to see what you get up to this week.

[email protected]

Missing you all so much

Mrs Tyler