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Wednesday 22nd April

Morning Ducklings!

Talk about the day and the date. Today is Wednesday 22nd April.

What is the weather like today?


Phonic time


Phase 2:  Rabbits, Mice, Squirrels

This week we are recapping the letters: s,a,t,p



Read the flashcards and say the sound.

Sort the things beginning with 'a'

Play 'Eye Spy' and find all the things beginning with 'a'

Phase 3: Foxes, Owl, Hedgehogs

Today we are learning about the 'or' sound.

Read the flashcards and say the sounds

The 'or' digraph

Write the 'or' words in your book - for, fork, sort, cork   

Choose one of the words and make a sentence eg. It is a fork. 

Write the sentence in your book.


English time

This week we are learning about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and today we are going to write a list of all the food that the caterpillar eats.

First listen to the story again.

Rabbits, Mice and Squirrels - talk about the food the caterpillar eats and choose 5 of them to draw in your book.

Now make a list of the foods.

You can use the word mat to help you.

Foxes, Owls and Hedgehogs - talk about the food that the caterpillar eats on each day of the week.

In your book write the list.

Write the days of the week and the food in your list. The word mat will help.

Maths time

Sing the days of the week song together.

Read and order number cards together.

Rabbits and Mice - order numbers to 10

Squirrels and Hedgehogs - order numbers to 20. Then close eyes and your grown up can turn one over and hide one. What is missing?

Owls and Foxes - start by ordering numbers to 20. Then close eyes and your grown up can turn one/two over and hide them. What is missing? Then select some of the numbers to put in 5, 2, 18, 12, 10

2, 5, 10, 12, 18 Repeat with different numbers.

Now we are going to count and write how many?

After lunch

Story time! 


Things to do during the afternoon:

  • letter formation (pack and write some in book)
  • spellings (use the word lists in your pack) Foxes and Owls choose 2 words and make and write a sentence.
  • reading time (little books and lotto words)
  • try something from the PE/mindful folder

Be a mini beast detective! If you go out into the garden or go for a walk look out for any mini beasts. You might see a butterfly! Then in your book draw 2 big leaves. Name the mini beasts together on the sheet and talk about if they have legs or no legs.

On one leaf draw the mini beasts with legs and on the other leaf draw the mini beasts with no legs. 

Rabbits, Mice and Squirrels -  write mini beast names next to them.

Foxes, Owls and Hedgehogs - write mini beast names next to them and then choose 1,2,or 3 of the mini beast to write about.

Have a lovely afternoon!

Miss you all and look forward to seeing you all soon,

Love Miss Weston x