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Thursday 21st May

Good Morning Year 5!

Hope you are all well?

Thank you for sending your work in yesterday Reggie, it was lovely to see you! How did you all find the activity?

Did you have fun?

You may be aware that this weekend it is Eid- the muslim celebration after fasting for 30 days. I will be celebrating Eid on the weekend. As it is Eid, I would like you to design an Eid card as part of our RE this week.


Here are your lessons for the day:


Morning Challenge: Day 4


English: I have attached the activity worksheet. Design your own app. Fill in all the details, explain why you are making the app and who your target audience is.


RE: Design an Eid card. I have attached a few templates for you.


Maths: Complete pages 15-20 in the activity booklet. 


Have a lovely day 

Miss Pakwasi :)