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Monday 30th March

Morning Ducklings,

hope you have had a lovely weekend! 


Phonics time

In phonics this week we are going to learn some new sounds.

Phase 2:  (Rabbits, Mice, Squirrels)

In phase 2 : l, ll, ss


Sing the alphabet song

Today we are learning about the letter 'l'


Read the flashcards, saying the sounds

Phase 2 Introducing the letter 'l'

Phase 3: Foxes, Owl, Hedgehogs

We will be learning new sounds this week: ai, ee, oa, igh


Read the flashcards, saying the sounds

English time

This week we will be learning about a story called 'Supertato' 



Look at the picture of Supertato and describe him.

Draw a picture of Supertato in your book and write labels to describe him.

A black mask

A red cape

A black belt with a gold buckle

Two red boots...

Maths time

Look at the 3D shape poster and name the shapes together



Talk about the 3D shapes in the power point

Look for shapes around the house and name them. How many can you find?

After lunch

Time to share some stories!

Things to do during the afternoon:

  • letter formation (pack)
  • reading time (little books)
  • try something from the PE/mindful folder
  • Name, draw and make a list of fruits and vegetables in your book (think about the ones in Supertato!)  

Have fun learning

smiley x