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Year 2/3

Year 2/3 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information


We start off the autumn term by going back in time, two and a half million years, to immerse ourselves in Stone Age History as we read a book called ‘Oi Caveboy!’ by Alan Macdonald.


This is a book about a boy called Iggy who seems different from the rest of his tribe, the Urks. He seems different because he isn't interested in the usual things such as flint tools, hunting or boulder-rolling and is always daubing on the walls of his cave or coming up with infuriating new ideas! According to his dad: 'We don't need new ideas - we have plenty of old ones.'


Here we will explore our school value of curiosity and tolerance as we explore how we are different to Stone Age children and ask ourselves: How did early humans live? Do we have any similarities with humans in the Stone Age? How have we changed?


  As this book is also a celebration of friendship, we will consider, “Why is it good to get to know people who appear to be different to us?” We will spend a lot of time talking about the importance of friendship, what makes a good friend and why we should respect people from all walks of life.


In our science lessons we will be learning about rocks and fossils, in particular sedimentary and igneous rocks. This will be supported by the picture book we will be using called ‘Fossil’ by Bill Thomson. Visually told through art, this "wordless story" will spark the imagination and creativity of all of the class!


In science we will also be looking at materials and exploring the fact that the Stone Age people didn’t have plastic or metal. We will be investigating modern day objects that are made using plastic and metal and asking ourselves how would life be different without them?


In Art we will be looking at the illustrations of the animals on the inside cover of our supporting text ‘Stone Age Boy’ to create our own paintings of animals and people that have been captured in time from the Stone Age. Did you know that people in the Stone Age used tools to create art work on smooth rocks?


We have many more things planned this half-term, which we can’t wait to share with you!

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