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Art and Design technology

Please see below our Knowledge organisers for this year.

At the Grove, we have invested in some wonderful pieces of Art to share with the children. We have them on display so that the children can see them every day but we also use them for inspiration in art lessons. 

Henry Moore – Hands

Henry Moore's subject is the aged body. He made these drawings of his own hands when he was eighty-one and suffering from ill-health. 'Hands can convey so much' he said, 'they can beg or refuse, take or give, be open or clenched, show content or anxiety. They can be young or old, beautiful or deformed'.


Moore saw these prints as belonging to a long tradition of fascination with hands as vehicles of expression: 'Throughout the history of sculpture and painting one can find that artists have shown through the hands the feelings they wished to represent.'

Here are some images of the children putting their knowledge and skills in to practice. Creative Learning Services have spent time in each class developing their art skills.