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Monday 1st June

Hello Year 4,

I hope you are all well and enjoyed your half-term? Weren't we lucky with the weather! I can't believe how warm it has been. We have been enjoying BBQ's and having the paddling pool out. 

 I've seen a lot of you have been enjoying the lovely weather and getting out and about. I know a few of you have been making the most of the warm weather by going out on your bikes. This is lovely to see. Keep going!

 Your online learning re-starts today and I have attached today's lessons for you. Don't forget to keep sending in your work to [email protected]


Miss Banks


Reading Challenge

Ease yourself back into online learning with a reading challenge. Choose a book of your choice and read 5 pages of your book. Produce a spider graph that explains what happened in those five pages. 



Please log onto I would then like you to click on Year 4 and Monday 1st June. You will see today's lesson on fractions. Read through carefully and complete the tasks.



I would like you to read the attached powerpoint on social distancing. Read through the powerpoint and make notes. I would then like you to produce a poster on social distancing. Use the notes from the powerpoint to help you. Send them to [email protected]


Afternoon challenge

I would like you to explore your house and garden and try to find objects that approximately measure 2metres? Write a list of what you can find. If you are unable to find anything that is 2metres. What's the closet that you can find?