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Monday 11th May

Good morning year 5! 

How are you all today? How was your long lovely bank holiday weekend? Did you get on well with the VE Activities? I had lots of fun, I managed to bake to a delicious Victoria Sponge cake and made a home made strawberry jam. Send me your lovely pictures so I can see what you got up to.

Well Done to Ocean, Harrison, Logan and Reggie for logging onto TT Rockstars. I can see you are trying to beat your previous score. Super impressed! 


Here are your lessons for today:


Morning Challenge: Day 1


PE: Join Joe Wickes with his workout this morning, or you can get some fresh air and workout outside.


English: I have attached a lovely extract for you to read. Answer the questions in full sentences.


Maths: We are almost coming to an end to our unit on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Test your knowledge with this ultimate challenge and see how you get on. I will be covering this again, so do not worry if you are stuck or don't quite understand anything. Feel free to ask me any questions. 


History: We are now on lesson 3 of our topic on Greeks. Work yourself through the powerpoint and complete the activity.


Have a lovely day

Miss Pakwasi :)