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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Hi year 6  Mrs Tyler here again!   Hope you had a  restful  and enjoyable weekend    Here are your learning tasks  for  today.  Remember to go onto TT Rock Stars and Corbett Maths to develop your arithmetic skills.

A big thank you to all of you who have gone onto TT Rockstars over the weekend. I really do appreciate it and I am very proud of you.  Well done to  MG, CP, BC, TH and DA .  Keep going!   Your Secondary school teachers are really impressed with you as am I. 


Please make sure that you take a photo of any work that you have done and email it the school office and they will email it to me.  I cannot wait to hear from you.  I am missing you so much.  Mrs Tyler

[email protected]



Choose a session from the PE folder and carry out a physical activity. If the weather is nice try and get some fresh air and do some physical exercise outside whilst it is still sunny.  Why not go for a walk?  Go for a bike ride?   Enjoy that sunshine and get active.  


Spelling Tuesday 5th May  2020

I can put my year 5 and year 6  tricky words into a sentence.

Value: perseverance

Have a go at using the  Look, Cover, Write and Check method  to learn how to spell the words which are underneath.  Write down the words that you have learnt in a sentence. Remember that you need to be able to spell these words by the end of year 6.

For example:  

The boy, who was very mischievous, broke his shoulder whilst playing basketball .


rhyme       rhythm        sacrifice        secretary       shoulder


Reading revision

Tuesday  5th  May 2020

I would like you to have a go at reading the non - fiction text about Mahatma Gandhi.  Then have a go at answering the questions.  Once you have completed answering the questions - check your answers using the the answer sheet.



Tuesday  5th  May 2020

I would like you to read the activity card that is in the folder.  This activity is all to do with writing a descriptive paragraph about a character walking towards an imaginary door.





I can work out the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

Value: Self-belief

Today, I would like you to continue to learn about perimeter.  First of all, watch the you tube clip that tells you  how to work out the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.  Then, decide which sheet you are going to have a go at answering.  1* 2**  or if  you want a challenge try the  3***.    Check your answers by looking at the answer sheet.  If you have not got a printer just copy the shapes down in your book.  Remember to include the unit in your answer.  eg cm


History  - 'VE Day

On Friday of this week,  the country will be celebrating  V E Day.  I would like you to find out about  V E Day.  Read the information text then answer the questions about V E Day. Choose 1 *, 2** or if you want a challenge 3***.    Check you answers with the answer sheet.


If you want to - you could take a picture of what  you have been doing and email it in to the office. [email protected]  We would love to see what 'home learning' you have been doing.


I hope you enjoy carrying out these activities today!  Have a restful and peaceful weekend.


Stay Safe.   Missing you lots. Mrs Tyler