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Reception - David Attenborough Class

Reception Autumn 1 Curriculum Information

Welcome to the Autumn term! We start the year reading books linked to ‘Our Amazing Bodies.’ As we begin our first term at school we focus on building relationships and learning our school routines.

We begin with the book ‘Super Duper You!’ by Sophy Henn. This book is a rhyming picture book with delightful illustrations. We explore how amazing we all are and the aspirations we have as we grow up. The book makes links to our school value ‘self-belief’, as we talk about what we would love to do now and in the future!

As we learn about our amazing bodies, we read a book called ‘Funnybones’ by Allan and Janet Ahlberg. We learn about parts of the body, how we move about and about skeletons. We go on a journey with a family of skeletons as they go on a night-time adventure. This story is funny, full of repetition and you just have to join in!

Another book we read is called ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ by Margery Williams. When the Velveteen Rabbit first arrives in the nursery, the other toys don’t want to talk to him. However, the Rabbit soon makes friends who tell him how toys can become 'real' if they are loved enough. The Velveteen Rabbit can’t wait for this to happen! This is a magical story exploring emotions, families, friendship and all the memories we make!

In English we are reading a book called ‘Perfectly Norman’ by Tom Percival. Norman is just like other children until one day to his amazement he grows a pair wings! This is an inspirational book about self-belief and being proud of who you are. In the creative area we will make pictures using a variety of collage materials to create our own wings!

As we learn about our incredible ‘senses’ we share the book ‘Listen’ by Gabi Snyder. In this book we tune in on one of the five senses ‘hearing’ and we follow a girl through her school day. She listens to noisy sounds…quiet sounds in the world around her. In class activities linked to ‘The Natural World’ we will explore and ask questions about all our senses.

In the book ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ by Susanna Davidson we find out about the family of bears. In our learning about ‘Past and Present’ we talk about members of our family and people in the community. We will retell this story to each other in our outdoor classroom as we pretend to be the bears or Goldilocks.

The next book we read in English is a poem ‘How to make a Chocolate Mug Cake’ by Michael Rosen. We are using this poem as a stimulus for making a chocolate cake in a mug. Who loves chocolate cake? Do you? Michael Rosen does, it is his favourite treat! The poem is amazingly funny and full of funny noises and superb descriptive vocabulary. In our English lessons we will follow instructions and write our own to ‘make a chocolate cake in a mug!’ This book also links to science as we investigate changing states of matter experimenting with melting chocolate…yummy!

We have many more things planned this half term including a visit from the Learning Library to tell us all about toys from the past. They will bring in artefacts, toys from the past for us to find out about and explore. This session is hands on bringing learning to life as we play with the many toys they bring along!

Finally, our class novel this term is ‘The Owl who was afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson. This book oozes so many of our school values…courage, curiosity, compassion and perseverance as Plop the Owl overcomes his fear of the dark. Mrs Barn Owl sends Plop out from his nest hole to find out about all kinds of dark and he realises that dark really is super!