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Year 5 - Emmeline Pankhurst Class

Year 5 Autumn One Curriculum Information

I hope you are all ready for another exciting year? We have an exciting half-term planned. Our class read will be based on the book, ‘Windrush Child’. Benjamin Zephaniah, the author of the book, describes the book as "historical, fiction, but true story" and it's about a young boy's journey from Jamaica to England. The character in the book, Leonard, finds himself in complete shock when he and his Mother arrive off the ship to find themselves in Southampton port. His Father who is living in Manchester already, moved from Jamaica to better his life for him and his family, however Leonard struggles to adapt to life in England. The book follows an exhilarating, eye opening journey which opens the eyes to the reader to all the issues people face trying to better themselves by moving country. This is a story which is extremely relatable to some members of our class who have moved from a different country. This book encourages all of our school values including acceptance, respect and courage. It also links nicely to our Personal, Social and Health and Education lessons where we are looking at ‘Being Me in My World’.

In English ,we are looking at a fascinating picture book is called ‘The Journey’, which follows a family trying to flee a conflict. This book will be the base to our English writing lessons. Our writing will follow the journey of the family fleeing the conflict area, which will then result in an independent write about a new beginning.

For Maths we will be continuing to develop our timestables knowledge. However, our main strand of Maths is a really important part to learn which is ‘Place Value’; that’s why we are beginning our maths with this strand. Additionally, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction work.

In Physical Education we will be focusing on Fitness and Yoga. Our Friday afternoons of Yoga and PHSE should be a really good way to reflect on the previous week.

For our Geography lessons, we are going to focus on ‘Spatial Sense’ which means the study of the locations of things, the conditions at different places, and the connections between places. Thinking about the world in spatial terms (spatial thinking) allows students to describe and analyse the spatial patterns and organisation of people, places, and environments on Earth. Particularly we will be focusing on the different hemispheres. Towards the second half of the half-term we are going to be focusing on our history topic Baghdad, where we will be looking at the rise of the Islam.

Finally, our science lessons will be looking at ‘The Human Body’ particularly the different stages of the human body growing up. Therefore, we will be looking at adolescence, puberty, adulthood and then slowing down in later life. Throughout our learning this half-term, we will be trying to answer our BIG QUESTION:

Please keep a look out on Class Dojo for photos of our learning, information, and updates. We have lots more exciting experiences planned for this half-term such as Ronald Dahl day, Farm in a box activity day and much more.