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Tuesday 12th May

Morning Ducklings!

Tuesday 12th May here we go!

What is the weather like today?


Phonics time

Remember to join in with your phonic sessions.

The slots are: 10.00, 10.30 or 11.00

Phase 2 sound flashcards

Phase 3 sound flashcards

English time

Here is some phonic skills to practice. 

Phase 2 - spell and write the tricky words in your books

Phase 3 - spell and write the tricky words in your book

Listen to the story again 'Oliver's Fruit Salad'

Can you remember the names of the fruits?

Rabbits, Mice and Squirrels - fill in the missing words and write them in your book

Foxes, Owls and Hedgehogs - answer the questions. Say and write the sentences,

Maths time

Today reception are learning about sharing.

Y1's are learning about doubles helping with addition and the beginnings of multiplication.


Let's begin with some counting.

Remember to join in!

Reception - watch the clip about sharing to make equal groups, groups that are the same.

Find some objects around the house/garden to practice sharing.

Eg plates and biscuits - share 6 biscuits between 2 plates or 8 biscuits between 4 plates. Count how many they have each. Are they equal?


Year 1 -  adding doubles

Foxes (Owls) Complete the doubles and write the double number sentences in your books

After lunch

It's time for a story!

Things to do during the afternoon

  • letter formation
  • spellings 
  • reading time (little books and lotto words)
  • remember to have some outdoor time or go for a walk

What is your favourite food?

Talk about and draw in your book a favourite food or meal!


Remember to send any photo's to the office, we love to see them!

Enjoy the afternoon,

Love Miss Weston xheart