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Monday 8th June

Hello Year 4,

I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend? A huge well done to FLM who sent in a fabulous picture of the delicious cake he had made. It's so nice to see what you have all been doing. Please keep sending your pictures to [email protected].


Here is your online learning for today. Missing you all!


Miss Banks




I would like you to continue practicing your weekly spellings. They are; dangerous, poisonous, mountainous, joyous, synonymous. Please can you write a different sentence and then draw a picture to show you have understood the meaning. Get a family member or sibling to help you practice and they can even test you.



Please see the attached reading comprehension on Claudius Invasion. I would like you to read through the reading comprehension and answer the questions. When you get to the timeline of events, instead of cutting them out I would like you to order the events using numbers. 



I would like you to complete the sheets on fractions. This is a re-cap of what we have previously learnt. I would like you to find 1/4 and eights of a number.



Take your daily exercise. Go on an adventure. What can you find? 


Have a great day!