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Monday 27th April

Happy Monday!

 I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend? What did you get up to? Have you been making the most of the sunshine? I would love to see what you got up to over the weekend. Send your pictures to [email protected]

   I have been watching the live zoo web cams at Chester Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo. They are such great fun. I have attached the website for you to watch the animals. It would be great if you could write and tell me about one of the live animal web cams. It is such a great pleasure to watch the animals. I am sure they are starting to miss us humans visiting and enjoying watching them!

 The weather is supposed to be a bit cooler and we may even see some rain this week. Why not spend time in the house doing a few challenges. Time yourself- how quickly can you tie your shoe laces? If you haven`t already learnt - no problem, start practicing now. Can you bake a cake? Or even make some rice crispy cakes!

I`m missing you all lots.

Please find below your online learning for today,

Miss Banks


P.E- Start your Monday morning with a Joe Wickes workout


English - I can begin to write my story.  I have attached your English work with plans to start writing your story. This has different stages to the story telling for you to look at. You can even look at the example and develop your ideas and thoughts in your own way. 


Maths -  Click on the link above and KS2 Year 4. Work your way through the different lessons this week. You can take your time and make notes as you go along. 


French-  I can understand and write directions.   Please see the attached French work. I would like you to read through  the power point on directions. This is linked with our current topic 'On the move'. Once you have read through the power point I would like you to write the directions down and draw the correct arrows. Challenge Can you direct from your house to school using what you have learnt?!

Have a good day!