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Tuesday 31st March

Morning Ducklings,

time for more home learning!


Phonics time

Phase 2:  Rabbits, Mice, Squirrels

 Sing the alphabet song

Today we are learning about the 'll' sound. It is a digraph - two letters making one sound.



Read the flashcards, saying the sounds

Phase 2 digraph ll

Phase 3: Foxes, Owl, Hedgehogs

Today we are learning the ee sound

Phase 3 Introduce the ee sound

English time


Talk about the story and answer the questions

Foxes, Owls and Hedgehogs - answer all the questions and choose some of the questions to write sentences about in your book.


Rabbits, Mice and Squirrels - talk about the answers and find a letter formation sheet in your pack.

Maths time

Look at the 3D shape poster and name the shapes together



Name the 3D shapes

3D shape hunt around the house/garden

After lunch

Story time!!!


Things to do during the afternoon:

  • letter formation (pack)
  • reading time (little books)
  • try something from the PE/mindful folder
  • choose an activity from the superhero topic ideas in the topic folder

Have a lovely afternoon

smiley x