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Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Year 4,

I hope you are well? How did you get on with Google Maps?  Did you find your house? Let me know if you found out any interesting facts about your street name!

Today I am reading a story live on our Grove Primary School Facebook page. I will be reading to you at 11.30am so please join me. It will be lovely to see you!  smiley

 Don`t forget tonight and every Thursday it is the clap for NHS staff and key workers outside your house at 8pm. Remember to take out your saucepans and spoons and make as much noise as possible to show your appreciation to our amazing NHS. 

 I have attached some exciting Science experiments for you to have a go at today. Don't forget to send your work to [email protected]

  Please see your lessons below;



Your spellings are; scissors, scientist, scenery, ascent, descent. I  would like you to find the definition for each of your spellings and then put the word into a sentence. I would then like you to find the synonym for each spelling. If you are struggling, draw a picture to help you. *Challenge* find the antonym for each spelling.



Please see the attached reading comprehension on Sutton Hoo. I would like you to read through this and answer the questions. 1* would be the first 5 questions and 2* all of them. You can choose.



Please carry on with the daily task planning structure of your Mathematical board game. Let me know how you are getting on! 



Go onto  the link is also above. There are some super Science experiments on this website. Have a look through which one takes your fancy and have a go! There is a good choice and a varied range of fun Science experiments for you to attempt. Don't forget to send them to [email protected] Enjoy!!