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Wednesday 22nd April

Hello and good morning Year 5!

I hope you are all well? Did you tune in yesterday to hear me read? what did you think? :)

I would like to say Well done to Reggie, Tristan and Kayla for logging on to TT Rockstars, you are doing really well. 

Here are your tasks for the day:


Morning challenge- Day 3


Spellings- Have a go at learning the 5 spelling words on the list. You can now add 5 of your own words from your spelling homework book. Write out the definition of the words and then find the synonyms and antonyms. As a challenge, can you write a sentence with the words in them?  If you would really like to try something harder, can you find the words in your reading book or local newspaper in a sentence?


Maths- Have a look at this Powerpoint on decimals to help you, don't forget to make notes. I have also attached a link to for you to have a go and practice moving decimal places. Complete the worksheet. There are two sheets, one is an extension for those of you  that finish the first sheet and would like a challenge.


French- This is our final lesson on the unit 'Friends and Family'. Work through the Powerpoint and make notes, then using the help sheet write a paragraph about you, and your friends and family in French.


Art- Today we are looking at drawing perspective. Go through the Powerpoint and use this sheet as a guide to draw some of the images. If you want to have a go drawing something from around the house using lines of perspective, go ahead. Don't forget to send your masterpieces in so I can see them.


Have a lovely day!

Miss Pakwasi :)