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May Half Term fun activities

May Half – Term Holiday Activities

Hi year sixes – there is no home learning this week due to it being half term.  However, if you are bored and have nothing to do you can try out some of these  fun activities.  Make sure though you make time for yourself and have a restful week off as well.  

Stay safe!  Mrs Tyler 

Why not try completing one of the pobble non-screen activities.  They are really fun  to do!  


Find out about the world around you.  By completing quizzes and solving puzzles.  Also make creative things like pebble people and paper daffodils.

Why not try one of the 100 indoor  challenges that the explorer  Bear Grylls  has set.  The activities range from boosting communication skills to problem-solving and include challenges such as creating a "storm in a teacup", designing monster bookmarks and lollipop catapults, becoming a "black-out poet", making hot air balloons, learning code, practising digital camera skills and much more. And it doesn't matter where in the world you are, anyone can join in.

Story Time

Why not sit back and enjoy listening to one of David Walliams’ stories. 

Or if you fancy listening to other stories then try and the link below

If you fancy playing some maths games,  click on the link below.   They will help keep your mind active for hours!



If you fancy practising some of your drawing skills then click on the links below.  You will be an artist in no time.  There are lots of fun and creative things to do.


Keep your mind and body healthy with the following websites.  You could try P.E with Joe Wicks or some cosmic yoga.