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Thursday 26th March 2020

Hi year 6!  Hope you are enjoying your home learning. Here are your activities for today.  Remember that you can do them in any order but make sure that you complete all of them.  I hope you are all keeping well.  



Choose a session from the Cosmic Kids page. You can access this from you tube.  See Link.



Thursday 26th March 2020

I can practise my year 5/6 spelling words

Value: perseverance

Go onto the website Look, Cover, Write and Check.  Then click on the year 5/6 icon then go onto the tricky words 4 icon.  Then select go.  Have a go at learning the 5/6 common exception words using the game. Write down the words that you have practised in your book. (From the tricky words 4)



Thursday 26th March 2020

I can proof-read and edit my writing

Value: perseverance


Then have a go at fix the activity mat 5.  Look for the spelling and punctuation errors.  I have also included the answers so that you can check if you have got them right.  Write down the sentences with the correct corrections within them in your homework/exercise books that were provided.  Remember to use joined/cursive writing.  



Thursday 26th March 2020

I can develop my inference skills

Value: Optimism

Have a go at answering the questions based on the 'Haunted House.'  These questions are helping you to develop your inference skills so that you will have to read between the lines.  Make sure that you write your answers in full sentences in your homework/exercise book.





I can add decimal numbers

Value: Self-belief

If you are still unsure about decimal numbers re-play the you tube clip on decimal numbers (see link.)  Then read the learning reminders.  Remember that when you are adding decimal numbers you need to line up the digits correctly and include a decimal point. Complete the practice sheet in your books.  Remember to use a ruler!



I can re-call the colours of the rainbow in French

Value: Self-belief 

As you are probably aware many children up and down the country are creating their own rainbows to spread hope amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

I would like you today to create your very own rainbow to spread hope.  To make it more interesting and deepen your learning I have also linked it to learning some French.

I would like you to first click on the link which teaches you the colours of the rainbow in french. Try joining in with saying the words in french and singing along to the song, (I had a go at this this morning and luckily I have not broken any windows with my wonderful singing voice!)  I would then like you to  draw your own rainbow or print off the template and colour in the rainbow using the correct colours. I have also attached  a powerpoint to remind you what the different colours are.  Then stick your rainbow in a window for everyone to see.  

Enjoy today.  Make sure that you have breaks in between your work.  Keep smiling! It would be great if you could email me some pictures of your homework or any homework that you have completed or even  pictures of you completing your work.

[email protected]

Missing you all so much

Mrs Tyler