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Friday 15th May

Morning Ducklings!

Today is Friday 16th May.

Home learning here we go!


Phonics time

Remember to join in with your phonic sessions.

The slots are: 10.00, 10.30 or 11.00

Phase 2 sound flashcards

Phase 3 sound flashcards

English time

Phonic skills to practice. 

Rabbits, Squirrels and Mice - phase 2 cvc words to write in books

Foxes, Owls and Hedgehogs - write the 'ur' words in books

This story about a carrot.


Draw a carrot in your book with a speech bubble. What is your carrot saying?

Speech bubble

Your carrot might say 'I am a carrot.' 

Or ' I am orange and crunchy.'

Remember to say your sentences and then write your sentence in your book.


Can you think of another vegetable?

Draw it in your book and write another speech bubble.

Maths time

Today we are practicing counting and playing some games.

Then counting using a tally mark.

Find objects around the house or garden the same colour as the fruits. Draw tally marks in your book to show how many. Count them.

After lunch

It's time for a story!

Things to do during the afternoon

  • letter formation
  • spellings 
  • reading time 
  • try something from the PE/mindful folder/outdoor time     

Perhaps you can try this challenge with a grown up.

You could use some fruit or vegetables or something else!


Have a fun afternoon and a lovely weekend!

Missing you all lots,

Love from

Miss Weston x