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Year 2 - Thomas Barnado Class

Year 2 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information


Welcome back to the new school year! Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I have enjoyed meeting some of you and getting to know the children.

We have a jammed packed half-term ahead for you which I can’t wait to tell you about!

We will start off our year by reading our class novel which is ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. This is a brilliant book which explores the themes of bravery, prejudice and the nature of things around us. The Iron Man is a robot with a good heart however his appearance can be deceiving, and his natural instinct is to destroy. This links really nicely to our school values as we focus on courage and acceptance.

We will complement our learning of ‘The iron Man’ as we read a book called ‘The Tin Forest’ which looks at chasing dreams and making a difference. We will talk about how ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!’ This book also provides opportunities for us to talk about recycling and waste.

This half-term we will be exploring our geography big question: What will I find in my local area? We will get the opportunity to learn about reading maps and how they are designed. We will create our own and explore maps of the local area and our school! We are looking forward to this as we hope it means we can get outside and explore Melton town.  This will link with our school value of teamwork as we work together to find buildings and monuments. Did you know that out school is nearly 100 years old?

In science we will be learning about the human body. Our big question is: Why and how should we look after our bodies? We will be looking at the human skeleton, the circulatory system and exploring how we should keep ourselves healthy.

In Religious Education we will be learning about Muslims and their beliefs. At The Grove we love to learn about other cultures and the ideals of others. We are hoping to visit a mosque before the end of the term – watch this space!

We are really lucky as this half-term as we will be learning about farming and animals. As you know, we are going to be going to visit Bowthorpe Park Farm. We are really looking forward to exploring the outdoors, meeting the farmer and his team and learning about how to protect our environment.

We are also looking forward to Roald Dahl day as we will explore some of our favorite stories and characters. Who is your favorite character? Why not work together to make a costume as I know Mrs Cheeseman has prizes for the fancy dress costume with the most effort.