Following advice from UK Government we are unfortunately  closing from Monday, 23rd March 2020 until further notice . If you are a parent / carer who falls into the Key Worker category as identified by the government then we will still open the school for your child following Government guidance. If you fall into this category we will be in touch shortly asking for further information from you. We will issue further updates/information on this website, ParentPay and Facebook. Thank you for your support.

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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Hello year 6!  I hope you are all keeping well and safe  and are enjoying your online learning.  Here are your activities for today.  They are all below in folders ready for you to use.  Enjoy!


Have a go at taking part in one of Joe Wicks' PE activities to help you get ready for the day.  See attached link.

Try a five minute one or even a thirty minute one.  Keep your  minds and hearts healthy.



You should be getting really good now at  spelling the tricky year 5 and year 6 words.  I would like you to open the link then click on the year 5/6 icon then go onto tricky words 3 icon.  Then select Go.  Have a go at learning the year 5/6 common exception words using the game.

I have also included a year 5/6 Curriculum word sheet to help you as well.


Grammar /Writing

Have a go at fix the sentence activity mat 4.  Look for the spelling and punctuation errors.  I have also included the answers so that you can check if you have got them right.  Write down the sentences in your homework/exercise books that were provided.  



Have  go at answering the comprehension questions on festivals in the UK.  The questions are based on fact or opinion  questions which we have practised earlier on in the  year.  Write your answers down and check using the answer sheet. 



We are now moving onto revising and learning about decimal numbers.  First play the you tube clip which teaches you about decimal numbers.  Then click on the other link.  Read the learning reminders first and complete the practice sheet. Remember to record your working out and mark your answers with the answer sheet.  



Show off your creative skills.  I am going to have a go at doing this one with Dylan.  Click on the link and have a go at drawing your very own pirate. Remember if you want to show me any work that you have done or are particularly proud off take a photo of it and email it to the school office.


Enjoy.  Mrs Tyler