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Wednesday 29th April

Hello Year 4,


How are we all? I hope you enjoyed yesterdays online learning. Did anyone decorate a pebble? I would love to see them. Send them to the school office - [email protected] 

   How are you getting along with planning your Mathematical board game? Don`t forget to use the daily planner and complete each task to help you. I`m looking forward to seeing what Mathematical challenges you have come up with! 

 The weather has changed the past day or so but you can still make the most of your daily exercise! Why not put some wellies and a coat on and enjoy jumping in puddles! There is still fun to be had even in the rain!


 Please see your online learning for today,

Missing you!

Miss Banks



Start the day with a workout from Joe Wickes, the body coach.


I have attached a reading comprehension for you based on Arthur and the sword in the stone. Read through the text carefully and answer the questions. If you are struggling why not highlight the answers in the text to help you.


Continue to follow the daily plan to create your board game.


I would like you to go onto Google maps.  See the attached image above. It shows you what the page should look like. I would then like you to type your postcode into the box and see if you can use google maps to find your house. I would then like you to research your street name. Can you find out how and why your street name was decided. Is there a connection? We have used google maps before and I know how much fun you found it! Challenge see if you can find a family member or friends house using google maps smiley


Have a great day!