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Tuesday 28th April

Hello and Good morning Year 5!

How are you all today? 

I hope you have been getting on okay?

It's unfortunately a very rainy day, which means I won't be able to mow my lawn or finish planting my lavender plants in the garden :(


Here are your lessons for today:


Morning challenge: Day 2


Maths: Work through the powerpoint and make notes, I have also attached a video link for you to follow. This will help you in understanding adding decimals less than 1. Work through the worksheets. Log on to topmarks for some decimal games to help strengthen your knowledge on decimals. Don't forget to log on to TT Rockstars.


DT: As it is a rainy day, let's take advantage of it and get some lovely baking done. I have attached a simple cake recipe and my favourite biscuit recipe to help you. Send me your pictures to show me how you've been getting on. 


Science: We are starting a new topic. Properties of Materials. Go through the powerpoint and complete the first activity of the first lesson. 


Have a super day!

Miss Pakwasi :)