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Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Year 5!

I hope you are all well. Well done Reggie for logging on to TT Rockstars. It would be lovely if more of you kept practicing your times tables on TT Rockstars.


Here are your tasks for the day:


Morning Challenge: Day 4


English: I want you to look at 'uplevelling' some of the sentences of this worksheet. We have done lots of work on expanded noun phrases and recently we worked on fronted adverbials. Use this knowledge to help you work through the sheet. As a challenge I have attached different sheets if you would like to have a go. 


Maths: Log on to TT Rockstars and practice. I want to see more of you logging on.


RE: This lesson we are looking at Marriage. Wok through the Powerpoint and make notes. Watch the video clips about the commitment of marriage. choose a religion on your choice and research how they conduct their marriages. What is different or similar? Draw a picture of a part of the wedding ceremony and label it. Write a few sentences which religion it is and what their wedding ceremony usually consists of.


Geography: This is lesson we are looking at routes. Work yourself through the powerpoint and make notes. Use a map or the internet to research some places you have visited in your local area. Use the activity sheet to hep you plan your route using the map. 


Enjoy your day!

Miss Pakwasi:)