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Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning Year 4,

How are you? I hope you enjoyed your lesson's yesterday? How did you get on with the musical activities? I have attached an interesting reading comprehension for you to do today on animals and hope you enjoy it. Already it is the middle of the week! How the weeks fly when you're having fun!


Please see attached your online learning for today;


Miss Banks




Choose a daily workout from Joe Wickes or choose one of your own



Please see attached work on circus animals. Read through the reading comprehension and answer the questions carefully. Enjoy the activities.



Please go onto . Click on your key stage and Year Group 4.  I would then like you to click on today's lesson Wednesday 3rd June and complete Maths lesson.



Using the English activity from above I would like you to produce a poster. I would like the poster to show your views and beliefs on circuses. Perhaps you would like to produce a poster that demonstrates animal welfare and your belief that circuses are cruel. Send them to [email protected]