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Wednesday 1st April

Hello again Year 4!!

 I hope you are well and enjoying spending time with your families. We had a fun day yesterday and did an exciting Science dissolving experiment! I have attached a picture to show you the finished product. All you need is some Skittles (sweets) place them around the rim of the plate and then pour a little warm water over them. Watch and see the beautiful colours dissolve and create a wonderful rainbow!!! It really is amazing!!! Have a go today as part of your Science work! Check out the picture! Don't forget to send your work to the school office. I have received some lovely pictures today!! Thank you smiley  Keep them coming! Please see the work below.


Miss Banks



Please see the attached author study on Katherine Rundell the author of our class book; 'The Explorer'. I would like you to chose a book that you have at home and complete a similar author study. Research the author and find out lots of interesting facts. Draw a picture of them too. Don't forget to send to the school office; [email protected]



Have a go at the dissolving Science experiment that we did. The finished product is under the 'Science experiment' document.  It really is great fun. Watch the colours dissolve into a beautiful rainbow.  Send me your pictures!



Please see the attached Maths powerpoint on fractions. Then have a go at answering the differentiated questions. If you feel confident, challenge yourself and try the trickier ones! All work is below; just scroll down this page.