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Monday 20th April 2020

Hi year 6!    Here are your learning activities for  today.  Remember to go onto TT Rock Stars and Corbett Maths to develop your arithmetic skills.

A big thank you to all of you who have gone on TT Rocks Stars over the Easter Holidays. I really do appreciate it.

Please make sure that you take a photo of any work that you have done and email it the school office and they will email it to me.  I cannot wait to hear from you.  I am missing you so much.  Mrs Tyler

[email protected]



Choose a session from the PE folder and carry out a physical activity. If the weather is nice try and get some fresh air and do some physical exercise outside whilst it is still sunny.


Spelling Monday 20th 2020

I can put my year 5 and year 6  tricky words into a sentence.

Value: perseverance

Have a go at using the  Look, Cover, Write and Check method of spelling the following words underneath.    Write down the words that you have learnt in a sentence. Remember that you need to be able to spell these words by the end of year 6.

For example:  Although the girl was tired, she was desperate to finish the race.


definite, desperate, determined, develop, dictionary, disastrous



Monday 20th  April 2020

I can explore my feelings

Value: perseverance

I would like you to read the activity card.  At the minute, we are facing very challenging times to live in.  I would like you in your exercise books that were given to you or on a piece of paper  to write down the things that you are missing doing.  For example: I miss going to the park and playing on the swings.  Look at the suggestions that I have included.  You may want to also draw some pictures showing what you miss doing.  Remember to punctuate your sentences correctly.

Remember to take a picture of your work and email it in.



Monday 20th  2020

I can develop my inference skills

Value: Optimism

Have a go at answering the comprehension questions based on 'Things that go chirp in the night' .  These questions are helping you to develop your inference skills so that you will have to read between the lines.  Make sure that you write your answers in full sentences in your homework/exercise book.  Once you have completed the questions check your answers with the sheet provided.





I can multiply amounts of money using the short method of multiplication

Value: Self-belief

This lesson is all to do with short multiplication.    First  watch the you tube clip to remind you how to multiply numbers using the short  method of multiplication and then read the learning reminders cards to show you how to set your work out.   Then decide which sheet you are going to have a  go at answering the questions too.  Either the mild or hot.  Remember to show your working out and answers in books.    Check your answers using the answer sheet which is below.

Remember to use a ruler!  Remember - when you re multiplying amounts of money you just have to put in your decimal point.



I would like you today to try and do an activity with another person that you live with. 

Go for a walk with that person and enjoy the sunshine.

Play a game with that person - eg a board game or an outdoor game.

Make something together - you could cook something or make something creative out of the materials that you have at home.

Whatever you choose to do - make sure that you spend time together with another person and have fun!

If you want to - you could take a picture of you doing that activity and email it in to the office. [email protected]  We would love to see what you decided to do.


I hope you enjoy carrying out these activities today!


Stay Safe.   Missing you lots. Mrs Tyler