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At The Grove we enjoy our weekly music assemblies and learning about key composers.  We believe that music is good for the soul and is an integral part of self-expression, confidence, self-awareness and opportunity.  We encourage every child to explore their innate musical self. Every child is a musician if given a chance.


Please contact us if you would like more information about how we teach music at The Grove. 





This year we are learning to play musical instruments in the following years:


Autumn Term – Year 2 – Recorders

Autumn Term – Year 4 - Guitars

Spring/Summer Term - Year 3 - Ukulele

Below you will see the progression of knowledge and skills that we teach through the Charanga music curriculum.

Below you will find the Knowledge Organisers for each year group unit.  These are sent home as hard copies at the start of the term for you to use together with your children to support with retrieval.