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At The Grove we enable children to become skillful Computer Scientists. We engage and inspire children to gain a love for learning in Computing as well as giving them the knowledge and skills they need to guide them through their entire education and to prepare them for a world that is ever changing and shaped by technology. Our curriculum encompasses computer science, information technology and digital literacy so that our children become creators and not consumers of technology.


We recognise that children are being exposed to a wide range of technology and interactive media from a young age, so we model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We see Online Safety as an essential and central focus to our curriculum. Online Safety is taught across the school from the Reception through to Year 6 to ensure that all children know how to keep themselves safe online. By doing all of this we hope that all our children will become responsible members of a digital world.


 At The Grove we have chosen to follow the Kapow scheme of work. This allows progression across the school and ensures that children are covering the skills required by the National Curriculum. Each year, we build upon the skills and knowledge used previously so that children are provided with the foundation they need to further their computing education.