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Times Table Rockstars


Hi year 6.  Just a quick reminder.  I would like all of you please to spend at least 10 minutes on TT Rockstars every day and try and beat your previous score. It has been wonderful to see so many of you going on over the Easter Holidays.


If you are having difficulty in logging on please contact the Grove at   [email protected]  and we will endeavour to sort the problem out.  


Mrs Butler has been in touch and hopes you are all keeping well.  She has also mentioned to keep working 

daily on TT rockstars as this will definitely help with Secondary maths.


Corbett Maths Primary 


Mrs Butler has also emailed a link to corbett maths primary 5 a day.  The key thing to help you with your transition to secondary school is continue to practise the arithmetic skills you have learnt.   All you have to do is open up the link and scroll down to the date that you are working on.  Then choose a level (there are four different levels to work from) and then check using the answers.  The answers are at the bottom of the section that you are working in in purple writing.

You can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.  


Also, please could you do the activities in the folders  first before you do any work from your SAT booklets as the activities will help you to gain a clearer understanding - especially with topics that you haven't been taught yet.   Many Thanks Mrs Tyler


Hi Year sixes!  Hope you have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine over the past two weeks and you have managed to enjoy some of your Easter Holidays.

I know it must be hard now  for a lot of you as you have been away from school now for four weeks.  You may be feeling  a bit sad, anxious or just generally fed up!  Don't worry the way you are  feeling is absolutely normal.  Everything you know has been turned upside down.  You haven't seen your friends or spoke to them for  a long time, you are spending a lot more time with the people that you live and you can't just do the things that you want to do.   

Remember that you are all amazing children. I don't  know when - but rest assured things will get back to the way they were. 

 Just remember that  the year 6 team are so proud of you and we are all missing you so much.    



Hi Year 6.  As you can see we have started to organise your home learning tasks into folders.  Have a look at each day and see how much you can complete in that day.  Inside each folder, there will be an outline of the day explaining each of the tasks that you have to do. 

Each of the activities have answers so you can check what you have done, or if you are struggling, you can have a look at the answers to guide you. (Please do not just look at the answers first)  

The activities in the folder should not take you more than three hours.  Your responses can be written down in either your homework book or  the exercise book that was given to you last week,

We are also adding other activities that you can do. These include PE activities and links to Times Table Rockstars and Numbots. They are in the separate folders with the different headings on.

Remember you also have your home learning packs which you can also complete tasks from and your practice SAT papers and SAT 10 minute books.  No excuses for being bored!  

Keep safe.   Missing you all.  Mrs Tyler and Mrs Twittey