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Year 4

Year 4 Autumn 1 Curriculum Information


In Year 4 our first exciting topic is all about Robots. As part of this topic we will be reading a book called ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.  The story is part science fiction with elements of a fairy tale. The Iron Man tells a fabulous story about a huge robot who appears from out of nowhere. As the Iron Man crashes onto the beach in many shattered pieces. He is discovered by a boy called Hogarth.


As we explore the book we will be thinking about some of the key themes highlighted in the story. We will be asking what a good friend is and how we can build good friendships with others. We will be looking at how people have similarities and difference but focus on the fact that we are all unique.


We will be looking at ways in which Robots do jobs that people used to do and toys that we play with. The jobs of a robot has changed dramatically since 1954, when George Devol invented the first programmable Robot. How have the toys we play with changed over the last 100 years? Thinking about futuristic toys and what they could look like. As a class, we will look at a number of famous inventors such as Fusajiro Yamauchi, Alexander Graham Bell and Joseph Priestley.


For this half term, in P.E. we will be exploring and building on our gymnastics and dance skills, sequencing and choreographing our own Robotic dance.


As part of our Geography work, we will be locating key countries where Robots are being made, taking into account Japan’s influence on Robotics. How could Robots influence our future? 

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