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Friday 1st May

Good Morning Year 5!

How are you all today?

Another productive week of home learning has come to an end. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Let me know what you get up to. 

It has been a challenging week for me as I am fasting. It surely has been a very different experience. 


Here are your lessons for the day:


Morning Challenge: Day 5 


Spellings: Practice your new spellings. I have attached the powerpoint too as we are learning  a new spelling rule- suffix - Ise/ice. Find the definition of the words using a dictionary or electronic device. Find the words in your local newspaper or comic book. Have a go create sentences. If you find this challenging, you can draw the definition of the spelling words. 


Maths: We are carrying on with understanding percentages as fractions and decimals. Use the topmarks website to help you. Work through the sheets to you appropriate challenge level.


PE: Get some fresh air, walk around the garden or with an adult carefully for your daily exercise. Don't forget to adhere to the government guidelines.


Art: This lesson, we are going to put all our knowledge of perspective drawing and 'Draw figures'. I would like you to chose a figure or person around the house to draw. If you ask an adult in the house, they will have sit very still :). Using the the different tones of pencil and using texture, draw the outline of your figure. Once you have drawn the outline, start adding in the details. On Youtube, there are lots of videos on drawing figures in perspective. Use them to help you. 


Have  a super day and a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.

Miss Pakwasi:)